rats-150x150Rodents which include Rats, Mice and Squirrels will happily live alongside you in your home or place of work causing serious Health and Safety issues.They can transmit diseases such as Weil’s Disease, Salmonella and Rat Bite Fever, and can pass-on parasites such as Ringworm, Mites, Tapeworm, Ticks and Fleas to humans.

Distribution and Habitat

RATSEGGS-150x1504444Most of these rodents are not happy at living with humans. A few however are particularly well adapted at doing so and in fact thrive in and around man-made environments. These rodents are called ‘Commensal’ rodents, effectively they “live off our table”.Worldwide, rodents are the largest group of mammals with about 2700 representative species. Only fourteen are present in Britain. They include the squirrels, as well as rats and mice. Being mammals, rodents are warm-blooded and give birth to live young that they suckle. They are distinguished from other mammals by the characteristics of their teeth, particularly their continuously growing incisors that are used for gnawing. The name ‘rodent’ describes this gnawing characteristic and derives from the Latin word ‘rodere’ meaning to gnaw.

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