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Sabre offers the most effective bird pest solutions within the pest control industry.

We have years of experience and knowledge dealing with these pests which results in the completion of high quality work that is effective and will protectPIGEON-ON-PIPE-150x150 humans from many potential health and safety issues.

Pigeons are of particular public health importance because of their close association with the human environment. There are several reasons why they need to be controlled including the risk of: contamination, stock damage, reputation, loss of finance, building damage, disease, legal responsibilities, health and safety.


Bird Management

There are many different species of bird in Great Britain and around the world. The vast majority of these never conflict with human interests and indeed are an essential positive component of the world’s ecology. Some species of bird however, largely as a result of specific behavoural characteristics, do conflict with human interests and are seen as pests in certain situations. In these situations the birds need to be managed so that the conflict is resolved. Pigeons are the most common bird pest found in the U.K.

A variety of management techniques have evolved to solve these conflicts, these include integrated bird management strategies that incorporate hygiene, proofing, scaring and reluctantly in some situations, culling or control. Each conflict will generally require a different solution depending on the species and the situation in which the conflict is occurring.

Success in bird management requires a sympathetic approach incorporating a thorough understanding of the birds’ biology, behaviour and knowledge of the management techniques available.

Birds are protected by law in most countries and it is essential that those undertaking bird management work are thoroughly familiar with all the legal implications of the work. Persons carrying out bird management also need to understand the health and safety implications of the work practices they undertake. Bird work involves hazardous substances and specialist equipment. Appropriate safe working procedures need to be documented and assiduously applied.

Reasons for Control

There are a variety of reasons for managing urban bird pests. These reasons generally involve health, safety or saving money, or a combination of these.

Human Disease Transmission

pigeon1-150x150Birds are associated with dissemination of the causative agents of a large number of diseases that can affect the health of humans. There are more than 110 pathogens (8 virus, 55 fungi, 41 bacteria, 6 protozoa) reported to affect pigeons. Scientific papers implicating wild birds in the dissemination of zoonoses are easily found. These studies give pest controllers ample reasons for arguing that birds and their droppings can be a hazard to public health and that bird management could help in preventing the spread of disease. However, reports of actual cases of human diseases transmitted from birds are relatively rare (though it is likely that the majority of cases go unreported)

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