Pharaohs Ants

Pharaoh’s ants are an indoor species of ant which were first found in the UK in the early 19th century. They are widespread in warm buildings and can be a difficult pest to control especially in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, housing blocks and other institutions where conditions are favourable. They have been known to be particularly attracted to suppurating wounds of patients causing intense irritation and the possible transmission of pathogenic bacteria.

PHARAOHS-300x285Pharoah’s ants can cause the following problems:

  • Can carry disease organisms, contaminate food and sterile equipment

  • Mobile and active, can penetrate packaging due to their small size

  • Will travel through building structures making infestation widespread

  • Can be transported on clothing, bedding, luggage, linen etc..

  • Nests can be as large as 50,000 workers!

  • Wide taste in foodstuffs, including high protein items such as red meat

Ants are of particular health importance because of their close association with the human environment. There are several reasons why they need to be controlled:

  • Contamination
  • Stock damage
  • Reputation
  • Loss of finance
  • Building damage
  • Health and safety
  • Disease
  • Legal responsibility
Treatment of Pharaohs Ants
It is essential that a thorough in depth knowledge of Pharaohs Ants is apparent before attempting to treat this pest. Numbers can actually increase if they are not controlled correctly. Sabre has the knowledge and experience to ensure that this species of ant is treated successfully.

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