Larder Beetle


Common in birds’ nests, also found in poultry units, animal feed mills and domestic premises. Larvae and adults feed on animal protein. Minimum breeding temperature 17 °C.


Egg-larva-pupa-adult. Complete life cycle usually 2-3 months.

Eggs – up to 200 per femal, laid singly on larval food, over 6 month period. Hatch in 1 week.

Larvae – up to 14 mm long, dark brown banded, with distinctive bristles. Develop usually in about 1-2 months. Full grown larva bores into hard material (eg wood) to create pupation chamber.

Pupae – cream coloured in chamber. Develop in about 2 weeks.

Adults – 7-9 mm, black with pale buff band on elytra, short clubbed antennae. Active fliers. Live for 6 months.


May be indicators of food spillage and poor hygiene in domestic or catering premises. Dermestes group includes pests of animal protein based dried food products, animal feeds, skins and hides. In poultry units larval pupation chambers may cause structural weakening of timbers and damage to polystyrene insulation.

Treatment of Larder Beetles

Residual spray treatments, good monitoring for evidence of further infestation.

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