Garden Ants

Garden Ants

Garden ants can find the smallest of cracks in buildings, and if they locate a source of food within the building they communicate this to other ants and then lead them into the building to feed. During the summer, the flying stages of the ants may be seen emerging from the nest in large numbers. This event normally lasts for only a few days.

Are garden ants a health hazard?

Garden/black ants are not regarded as a ‘significant risk to public health’, however they can be a nuisance when found in the home.

Where can they be found?

Garden ants are found throughout Britain and usually nest in gardens and areas around buildings. They often enter homes in search of food.

BLACKGAR-150x150Control of Garden Ants

We provide full treatment programmes for garden ants which can be either for the whole summer or for ‘one off’ visits. Our summer programme is particularly popular- usually! ( there wasn’t much call for this service in 2012 because of too much rain and not enough ants!)

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