Fly Control Units

Sabre provide a range of fly control units which are stylish, contemporary in design and discreet.Ultra-Violet-box2
Flies and Wasps can cause particular annoyance especially during the warmer months. Flies can spread disease, contaminate and cause discomfort. For example, houseflies will lay eggs in batches of 120-150 which can then hatch between 8 hours and 5 days.
We only supply units which will be correct for your type of situation. We do not recommend the ‘electric grid’ type systems as these are dated for several reasons, including risk of exploding insects, horrid smell on impact, they can be unsightly. unhygienic and can contaminate food items from risk of falling insect debris.
Our Fly Guard units are suitable for all flying insects including flies and wasps. Below is a list of our range of fly control units.

Please call 01923 634564  if you require any further assistance.

All of our quality range of fly control units

  • Will catch all sizes of flying insects.
  • Will not ‘frazzle’ flies entering the unit; contains a glue board
  • Are discreet and do not look like a conventional electric ‘zap’ unit.
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Contains shatterproof UV tubes
  • Conforms to BS EN 60598-11993 andEuropean EMC directive

How can I control a fly problem?

Sabre has a range of techniques available in dealing with flying insect pests. In addition to residual treatments we have fly control units and insect screens available dependent on the extent of the problem. All of our fly control units are of the highest quality and are manufactured only in the UK. Our expertise has enabled us to recommend the very best fly control units to suit your situation, based on our many years of experience in dealing with every flying insect pest found in the U.K.

Please call 01923 634564  for further assistance.

Fly Control Units


We have a full range of Flying Insect Control Units. Our Fly Guard units come in a range of 3 sizes FLG1 FLG2 and FLG4. All are stylish, contemporary and simply the best at controlling those unwanted flying pests. We can supply or supply and install. Call us now on 01923 634564 . Made in U.K. Units can be purchased or hired.

xfly11The ideal location for this model is on top of the wall-cupboards or high flat surfaces (kitchen cabinets, fridges, shelves) The brushed stainless steel front is the only feature visible from the ground.Shatterproof lamps. Manufactured in U.K

FG02a-150x1502 models available in this range and both are perfect to locate on top of wall cupboards or high flat surfaces such as kitchen cabinets , fridges, shelves etc. The brushed stainless steelfront is the only feature seen from ground level. Manufactured in UK

FL01a-150x1501X-Fly units are ideal to fit discreetly above kitchen cupboards and units.


Solo Unit This unit is ideal for the home or small retail establishments. The main body is made from corrosion, anodized aluminium, which not only means it is simple to clean but also makes it light and easily portable, if so desired. A truly effective unit with its discreetly positioned glue board.