Common Clothes Moths


Moderately common pest of animal derived fabrics, furs and feather products. Found worldwide except tropics. Damage by larval stage only.

clothes_mothEgg – larva-pupa-adult. Total life cycle about 3-10 months.

Eggs – in suitable larval food, among clothing or carpet fibres. Hatch above 10°C in 1-5 weeks.

Larvae – whitish caterpillars that form silk tunnels camouflaged with fibres and debris. Leave tunnels at night to feed, hide during the day. Develop in 2-7 months.

Pupae – inside last larval skin concealed in fabric. Develop in 2 weeks to 2 months.

Adults – small, straw coloured fringed wings held along body when at rest. Females do not fly, males occasionally. Do not feed, short lived.


Pest of museums, domestic fabrics but less common than formerly.

How to Control?

Expertise is crucial. Residual sprays, fumigation of goods, trapping , monitoring. Usually a combination of treatment products are required because of the specialist nature of this insect. It is unlikely that control can be achieved unless specialist knowledge is applied to this particular pest

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