Biscuit Beetle


Worldwide but more common in temperate regions. Pest of food stores and domestic larders. Feeds on cereal products, spices and wide range of dried stored foodstuffs. Can penetrate food packaging.



Eggs – up to 60 per female laid singly on or near larval food. Hatch 1-2 weeks. 

Larvae – whitish, mobile when first hatched, may penetrate packaging material. Become sluggish when larger. May bore holes through hard food materials. Develop 2-4 months.

Pupae – inside cocoons in or near larval food. Develop 1-2 weeks.

Adults – 2-3 mm, brown, partially humped thorax, distinctive 3 segmented antennal club. Can fly. Live 3-4 weeks.


BISCUITB4-300x239Food storage pest often causing localised heavy infestations in old stock. Possible confusion with furniture beetle (woodworm)

We have a range of treatments suited to dealing with biscuit beetle, including fumigation and residual insecticides.

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